How Are Mobile Tree Service Companies Different From Each Other

Two Different Tree Trimming Jobs And How The Wrong Company Can Cause Problems


With the summer months coming up quickly many people are looking to trim back their trees. Trees are sprouting foliage rapidly, and many of them are already dropping seeds and sap. No one wants to have seeds and sap drop on their cars, their rooves, or their heads! Not only that, but longer branches hanging over your house or car could result in costly destruction (see video below).

For these reasons, it’s incredibly important to ensure you hire the right tree trimming company, click here for my number one pick here in Mobile and Baldwin County. Many people think there’s no difference between any of the various tree trimming companies. After all, you call a company and they come out to trim back trees. It would seem as if that was a straightforward job.

That is not the case!

What follows are several of the jobs you might want a tree trimming company to perform and what might happen if you hire the wrong one.


Job #1 – Trimming Heavy Tree Branches

The first thing you’ll want a trimming company to do is to get the heavy branches away from areas where they can cause damage. Perhaps if one branch grows too large it might break through a window. Or maybe a large branch sits directly over the house and might crush something if it falls.

Whatever the reason, the right tree trimming company is going to be able to put weights and supports under the branch before they cut it. They’ll ensure the branch doesn’t accidentally drop, and they won’t charge an arm and a leg to do it.

A trimming company that doesn’t care about doing a good job may have rigs and harnesses, but they may not have the right sizes. They may also not have the correct size of straps and hooks in order to get the harness fitted tightly. However it happens, you’re risking a higher chance of the heavy branch falling and damaging the thing you’re trying to keep safe!


Job #2 – Trimming Leaves

Sometimes the branches aren’t the problem. Sometimes it’s the new growth that’s causing issues. Sometimes a new branch is draining too much energy from the tree, causing it to wither. Sometimes you want to preserve the tree itself but want to open things up a bit.

When done properly, tree-trimming can keep leaves and twigs from falling into your pool. Trimming companies that don’t hire the best will almost always leave a huge mess after they do the job, and it can only be compared to cleaning up the fruit tree mess. Good companies will clean up any clippings that fall, but a cheap trimming company won’t.

As you can see, there can be a huge difference between companies. It’s not just a matter of coming to your home and cutting branches and leaves. It’s a matter of ensuring that the right tools are available. It’s a matter of ensuring your company hires only the best employees and pays them a fair wage. It’s a matter of keeping your home protected.


If you don’t want to risk tree trimming causing more problems in your life than it solves, then make sure you hire the right company!